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NSW Tournament Results

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Board No: 4
Dealer: W, Vul: ALL, Room Datum: 120
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Teams  Score Imps
North-SouthEast-WestContractLeadTricks  NS    EW      NS EW
1 MAYO Team5 HOWES Team1NTX W5D7 180 -77
2 POWELL Team7 TUCKER Team2H WTD7100  -33
3 CHEN Team6 KING Team1NT W5D6100  -33
4 ADCOCK Team13 HERRING Team2H W2D7100  -33
5 HOWES Team1 MAYO Team2H WJD7100  7-7
6 KING Team3 CHEN Team2H WJD6200  3-3
7 TUCKER Team2 POWELL Team2H W2C6200  3-3
8 BRISCOE Team12 DE VILLE Team2H WJD6200  7-7
9 ROWORTH Team15 CAMPBELL Team2H WJD5300  3-3
10 COFFEY Team19 BUTLER Team1NT S5C8120  -22
11 JOHNSON Team16 DAWSON Team2H WJD6200  00
12 DE VILLE Team8 BRISCOE Team1NT SAC6 100 -77
13 HERRING Team4 ADCOCK Team2H WJD6200  3-3
14 RAE Team24 COURCIER Team2H WJD6200  3-3
15 CAMPBELL Team9 ROWORTH Team2H WJD6200  -33
16 DAWSON Team11 JOHNSON Team2H W6D6200  00
17 FEATHERSTONE Team20 BRIDE Team1NT S2S790  00
18 QUINN Team23 PARKER Team2H W2C8 110 -55
19 BUTLER Team10 COFFEY Team2H W5D6200  2-2
20 BRIDE Team17 FEATHERSTONE Team2H W6D7100  00
21 COUPE Team26 ABBEY Team2H W2C6200  00
22 SMITH Team25 JONUTZ Team1NT N9C6 100 00
23 PARKER Team18 QUINN Team3H W9S8100  5-5
24 COURCIER Team14 RAE Team2H W9S7100  -33
25 JONUTZ Team22 SMITH Team1H SAC6 100 00
26 ABBEY Team21 COUPE Team1NT WJD5200  00

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2H by EW-33001
1NT by EW-22001
2H by EW-220010
1NT by NS+11201
2H by EW-11005
3H by EW-11001
1NT by EW-11001
1NT by NS=901
1H by NS-1-1001
1NT by NS-1-1002
2H by EW=-1101
1NTX by EW=-1801

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