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Board No: 20
Dealer: W, Vul: ALL, Room Datum: 420
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Teams  Score Imps
North-SouthEast-WestContractLeadTricks  NS    EW      NS EW
1 HURLEY Team6 POWELL Team4S S6S10620  9-9
2 FRY Team20 MCDOWELL Team2S SQC11200  2-2
3 HEWITT Team23 WILCOX Team4S S2H10620  9-9
4 HART Team11 THOMAS Team2S SQC10170  -1010
5 SMITH Team15 CRITCHLEY Team4S S6S10620  -11
6 POWELL Team1 HURLEY Team2S S8C11200  -99
7 CARSON Team19 WARDLEY Team4S S5D10620  00
8 LOWE Team9 DOYLE Team4S SQC10620  8-8
9 DOYLE Team8 LOWE Team3C W5S6300  -88
10 PEART-KUTER Team13 BAKER Team2S S2H11200  -1212
11 THOMAS Team4 HART Team4S S4H11650  10-10
12 JEFFERY Team21 PIERCE Team4H N9C10620  -11
13 BAKER Team10 PEART-KUTER Team3CX W5S6800  12-12
14 LUCK Team18 FORSYTH Team3S S6S10170  -11
15 CRITCHLEY Team5 SMITH Team4S SQC11650  1-1
16 JOHNSON Team24 PEMBROKE Team2S S6C11200  00
17 GUYMER Team22 STRICKLAND Team1NT WTH4300  -88
18 FORSYTH Team14 LUCK Team3S SQC11200  1-1
19 WARDLEY Team7 CARSON Team4S NAS10620  00
20 MCDOWELL Team2 FRY Team1NT N4C9150  -22
21 PIERCE Team12 JEFFERY Team4S S6S11650  1-1
22 STRICKLAND Team17 GUYMER Team4S S8C11650  8-8
23 WILCOX Team3 HEWITT Team2S S2H11200  -99
24 PEMBROKE Team16 JOHNSON Team3S S2H11200  00

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BD: 20SK85 Dlr: W
HT983 Vul: Both
SA96  SJ3
HK642  HQ5
DK65  DQT92
CQT8  C97543
N11342   11 
S11342  12 5
E-----   12 

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