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NSW Tournament Results

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This report only lists pairs who have played in 3 or more matches. Click here to list all pairs.
NSWBA Summer Teams
Pair Datums
Rank Pair Imps Opponent
Avg. Imps
Modified Datum Modified Datum
Per Board
1MARTIN BLOOM / LES GREWCOCK709.2674.61.3812
2CEVAT EMUL / CATHERINE ZHANG6026.2673.11.3534
3PAULINE GUMBY / WARREN LAZER75-6.3671.81.3302
4FRASER REW / NICK RODWELL6013.7666.81.2377
5JAN PLUMB / DON PLUMB50-3.7648.20.8920
6ARLENE DALLEY / ASHLEY BACH472.2648.10.8904
8HELENE PITT / RUTH TOBIN31-2.3629.80.5525
9PETER LIVESEY / PETER GILL283.0629.50.5463
10PETER JEFFERY / WAYNE ZHU1223.8623.90.4429
11MATHEW VADAS / TONY NUNN1014.3617.20.3179
12PAUL DALLEY / WILLIAM ZHANG424.8616.40.3040
13NAZIFE BASHAR / KINGA MOSES13-13.866.10.1127
14KIM MORRISON / DAVID WESTON-1028.064.00.0741
15GARRY CLARKE / SALLY CLARKE7-11.361.30.0247
16LEO GOOREVICH / COLIN THOMAS2-12.06-4.0-0.0741
17GEORGE FLEISCHER / RON SPEISER2-24.26-10.1-0.1867
18SUNNY PANG / MARGARET OWEN-16-3.06-17.5-0.3241
19MARK GUTHRIE / JULIE GUTHRIE-4-33.26-20.6-0.3812
20AXEL JOHANNSSON / ARTHUR RAMER-2911.26-23.4-0.4336
21DAVID HUDSON / ANITA CURTIS-27-9.76-31.8-0.5895
22STEVEN BOCK / DENNIS ZINES-375.06-34.5-0.6389
23NEVILLE MOSES / INEZ GLANGER-26-19.06-35.5-0.6574
24HELENA DAWSON / RICHARD DOUGLAS-23-26.56-36.2-0.6713
25GEORGE FINIKIOTIS / KEVIN DAVIES-42-1.26-42.6-0.7886
26HAMID SADIGH / SIAMAK PARSANEJAD-63-8.06-67.0-1.2407
27JUDY KINGSTON / DAVE GALLAGHER-996.36-95.8-1.7747
28ERICA GRAY / CHERYL WATERS-135-3.36-136.7-2.5309

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